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Carpenter | Residential Construction

A craftsman through and through, Chip can be counted on to apply his 25+ years of carpentry experience and quick thinking to every build challenge presented to him. He started his carpentry journey at Waltman and Associates, where he was a safety meeting specialist. After working on his own for a while, he joined Rainbow Construction, honed his craft, and then came to Woodhull.

Problem-solving in the here and now is one of the attributes he’s best known for. Chip knows the importance of communicating with the right people, at the right time, in order to address the issues at hand.

In addition to being a Carpenter, Chip has a background as a storyteller and writer. Talk to him for a few minutes and you’ll uncover his trademark witty banter. When asked about his favorite place to go in Maine, Chip cleverly chose his own home in Hollis. It’s where he spends hours gardening, fixing up the place, and creating an awesome retreat that brings him comfort and joy.

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