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Director | Commercial Construction

Michael Cleary brings over 20 years of commercial construction experience in multi-family, hospitality, retail, medical, financial, and senior living facilities. After receiving his Undergraduate Degree in History and English from the University of Vermont, he received his Masters of Science in Teaching from Pace University. After completing NYC Teaching Fellows, he pursued a position with a Manhattan-based national construction management firm, where he worked for nearly a decade.

Michael strikes the right balance in understanding and navigating architect, client, and subcontractor relationships, business development, and job management with a direct but collaborative mindset.

Since moving back to Maine (born in Bridgton), Michael has mapped out spots where he and his family can enjoy the wildness of Maine. One location is where Johnson Brook empties into the Northeast corner of Brassua Lake, what his children lovingly refer to as “Waterfall Falls.” There they boat, swim, and explore Maine’s wild wonders.

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