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Project Details

Build Team

Woodhull: Michael Cleary, Mark Sturgeon, Shawn Couture

Design Team

Bruner-Cott Architects & Lindsey Bonime Design


Portland, Maine


Trent Bell



Seven months’ time.

The vision was to create a new space that could patina with age and celebrate history while enjoying the present. In collaboration with Bruner-Cott Architects & Lindsey Bonime Design, Woodhull had just seven months to bring the 1860s structure from bare walls and dirt floors to a fully functioning world-class restaurant boasting a state-of-the-art kitchen, highly customized dining room, and patio.

Working harmoniously.

Collaborating with some of Maine’s best craftspeople, Woodhull contracted, coordinated, and scheduled the thousands of hours it took to create this beautiful restaurant. A myriad of materials, contrasting in style and design, work harmoniously to create the feeling that Twelve is as nuanced, original, and creative as the food it serves.

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