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Rococo Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

Project Details

Design Team

Krista Stokes
Christy Reid
Jenny Dillon
Patrick Boothe

Build Team

Marc Sturgeon
Hobson Bradford
Michael Cleary

Millwork Team

Jim Brown, South Coast Builders


Kennebunk, Maine


Heidi Kirn


Construction Management

A lush vision.

When client Lauren Guptill, founder of Rococo Ice Cream in Kennebunkport, was ready to expand her business, she needed a new space, and she needed it fast. She approached Woodhull with a big vision, and interior designers Krista Stokes and Christy Reid were by her side. Together, the teams would bring the whimsical, lush style of the 1700s Rococo movement to life in a beloved seaside ice cream shop & dessert bar.

A contagious spirit.

The new space, located at the Shipyards Shop in Kennebunk, required a complete overhaul. To open before June and catch Maine’s summer traffic, Woodhull immediately got down to designs and permitting. Project management streamlined all processes, ensuring cohesion, collaboration, and productivity throughout departments every step of the way.

Working with a decisive, matter-of-fact client kept the entire project moving, never getting hung up on quick-needed changes or revisions to the design. The project’s spirit was contagious, and everyone involved was ready to meet the aggressive deadline.

Building trust.

Two distinct entrances allow for separate spaces that offer cocktails and desserts. One entrance acts as a traditional ice cream parlor. Inside the dessert bar, a stunning marble slab functions as the bar counter, while high-backed velvet booths provide private seating. Throughout the interior of both spaces, Rococo flourishes – from wall-to-wall floral wallpaper to the gilded fixtures and Art Deco tiling. Through close collaboration and trust, the client’s vision became a reality. Rococo Ice Cream provides a truly unique experience for Mainers and tourists alike.

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