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Forever Home

Project Details

Design Team

Woodhull: Caleb Johnson, Cat Sumislaski, David Morris

Build Team

Woodhull: Chip Emmons, Coleman Motley, Peter Floeckher, Maslen Flett, Matthew Gilbert

Company 19: John Haskell

Millwork Team

Woodhull: Scott Stuart


Biddeford, Maine


Trent Bell



Coming home.

When a pair of pastors who spent their lives traveling from one home to the next was ready for their forever spot, they wanted a comfortable, one-story space that could accommodate their lifestyle. Everything was designed to evolve with the owners, so as the home aged, it would feel and function the same as the day they walked in.

Keep it simple.

The 2,200-square-foot home prioritizes flow with minimal interruptions between rooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows help keep an airy, open feel and invite the landscape in as part of the experience. A simple, clean interior maintains the focus on openness and acts as a canvas for the couple’s art and family heirlooms. Initially a smaller vision, the design expanded into a home that realizes both current and future needs. While the construction phase called for patience, with open communication and close partnership, the end result was just as they imagined.

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