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Hills Beach

Project Details

Design Team

Caleb Johnson

Jason Colpitts

Shannon Richards

Build Team

Coleman Motley

Sean Gallagher

Maslen Flett

Chip Emmons

Andrew Gibson

Millwork Team

Scott Stuart

Dave Kelsh

Nicky Sontag

Ben Bailey

Jon Miller

Landscape Design

Soren DeNiord Design Studio

Landscape Install

Pinnacle Landscape and Design

Metal Work



Hills Beach, Biddeford, Maine



Some custom furniture from Derek Preble, Gabe Sutton, Eugene Sherstyokov, Matt St. Cyr, and Tony Jendrek

Custom Metal Screen: John Bisbee

Custom Metals Pulls: Erica Moody

Pillows/Textiles: Erin Flett

Art: Tessa Green O’Brien

Keep it personal

Kept close to heart with the choice to renovate rather than rebuild — this Hills Beach home went through a complete transformation while remaining true to its surrounding neighborhood and purpose. This process converted a beach shack into a unique and character-filled home, using locally-sourced materials and handcrafted elements throughout the space.

Emphasizing materials

Working with a small footprint meant maximizing the potential of every little detail and space. The home features natural materials inspired by the landscape — wood, stone, concrete, and glass. The plaster was left unpainted, emphasizing the patina of all reused materials. We included ornamentation nods to the local history, and working details like a carved mermaid backsplash into the plan.

In the heart of the home, the shop’s master woodworker created a beautiful, joinery-based kitchen without plywood or hardware, allowing all sides of the cabinets to be equally beautiful. The result is a humble and creative design, all parts cherishable and built without compromise.

Close-knit and efficient

This unassertive beach home was constructed to feel personal and inspired by the family within. Occupants can enjoy the affordability, ease of cleaning, closeness, and nonconformity it represents. Despite its size, the energy-efficient design allows for all-day comfort. 

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