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Pine Cove

Project Details

Design Team

Amit Oza

Caleb Johnson

Stacey Woodworth

Michael Chestnutt

Build Team


Millwork Team


Landscape Design

Soren DeNiord Design Studio

Landscape Install

Pinnacle Landscape and Design

Metal Work

Jim Larson


Harpswell, Maine


Trent Bell


Charles Beneke


Residential Architecture

Love at first site.

Settled within the pines and mirroring the shape of a nearby cove, Pine Cove is a trio of buildings designed for exploration and reflection. The design was inspired by its unique location and a pair of artistic, adventurous clients.

Care and Attention.

From the initial site selection, a collaborative effort to capture the quintessential Maine experience, to the meticulously planned arrival sequence, every element reveals itself with intention. Inside, diverse spaces cater to both friend and family gatherings, as well as moments of quiet reflection.

The interior is an expression of craft and the owner’s personal story; inherited family pieces and the client’s own artwork blend with precise millwork. There is understated honesty in the materials chosen throughout the project, solid wood was almost exclusively used for the millwork throughout the project.

Respect the Land.

The building’s form references the cove’s curve, embracing natural outcroppings and stepping lightly across the land. Its vertical siding mirrors the surrounding pines, blurring the lines between architecture and nature. Within this harmonious gesture lies an unwavering precision. From meticulously crafted walnut veneers in the kitchen to sequence matching hundreds of spline joints on the wood slat walls, the attention to detail, while subtle, is also unrelenting. This home is about responding to a place and representing the clients’ personality and craft.

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