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Design Team


Build Team


Company 19


AIA Maine Design Awards 2016


York, Maine


Trent Bell



Eyes to the future.

To emphasize the home’s connection to the land, the owners made a conscious effort to limit square footage. This also controlled cost and future energy. Every corner of this 1,100-square-foot home was designed with its future purpose and ecological impact in mind.

Keeping it local.

Materials were carefully considered so they could be repurposed sustainably. On the exterior, Maine-milled white cedar siding was left unfinished, reducing cost, carbon footprint, and the need for future maintenance. Over time, it has weathered to a beautiful silver grey and stands out against the home’s natural landscape. Inside, locally sourced hemlock supports the second floor while adding warmth and a lived-in feel. A carefully designed solar shade was added for sun protection in the summer while allowing enough sunlight for warmth in the winter. A simple layout enhances openness throughout the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, maintaining flow and connection.

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